Our Company


The team at West’s Bookkeeping Services, LLC (WBS) works closely with individuals and businesses, helping them ease the burden of bookkeeping tasks and other financial responsibilities such as payroll and taxes. We pride ourselves on our unique ability to adapt to an ever-changing financial world; a business goes through many phases and changes and we at WBS will be standing by your side, helping you through them. Our team is passionate about building a friendly, professional and loyal relationship with each and every one of our clients; from the individual who we prepare taxes returns for once a year to daily bookkeeping, reporting and payroll for both large and small businesses—you can trust the team at WBS to focus on the behind the scenes tasks so you can focus on the thing that matters most—the success of your business.

Our Mission

West’s Bookkeeping Services, LLC works diligently to empower individuals and businesses to become more successful and productive in both their personal and professional lives through our experience, sharing our knowledge and our distinct ability to adapt to the constant changes of the 21st century.

Our Vision

West’s Bookkeeping Services, LLC looks for unique individuals and businesses to join our team. Those who are positive, happy and willing to go outside their comfort zone to grow both professionally and personally. The WBS team is inspired to go above and beyond, to do the little things that matter the most in gaining the respect, confidence and sense of relief we give our clients.