Our Company

The team at West’s Bookkeeping Services, LLC (WBS) works closely with individuals and businesses, helping them by easing the burden of behind the scene tasks such as bookkeeping, payroll, taxes and other financial responsibilities. We pride ourselves on our unique ability to adapt to an ever-changing financial world.  A business naturally goes through many phases & changes and you can count on WBS  to guide you through them.

Our team is passionate about building a friendly, professional and loyal relationship with each and every one of our clients; from the individual that we prepare tax returns for once a year to daily bookkeeping, reporting and payroll for large and small businesses – you can trust the team at WBS to focus on the behind-the-scenes tasks so you can focus on what matters most –

the success of your business.


  • What 12 attributes does WBS look for in our clients and our team members?
    Ethics: Do the right thing. Always. We value a strong work ethic, loyalty, integrity and respect for others Purpose: We do what we love and love what we do We willingly and openly share our knowledge and systems in order to empower each of our clients and team members Growth: If you aren't growing, you're … Read more