We're more than just bookkeeping!

Who are we?

Our Vision

West’s Bookkeeping Services, LLC (WBS) looks for unique individuals and businesses to join our team. Those who are positive, happy and willing to step outside their comfort zone to grow both professionally and personally. The WBS team is inspired to go above and beyond; to do the little things that matter the most in gaining the respect, confidence and sense of relief we give our clients.

Our Mission

West’s Bookkeeping Service, LLC works diligently to empower individual and businesses to become more successful and productive in both their personal and professional lives through our experience, sharing knowledge and our distinct ability to adapt to the constant changes of the 21st century.

Core Values

  • Ethics: We values a strong work ethic, loyalty, integrity and respect for others
  • Purpose: We pursue and share our knowledge and systems in order to empower each of our clients & team members
  • Implementing Growth: We value personal and professional growth through learning, development, curiosity, courage, experience and resilience

How does WBS measure success?

We believe that success is measured by growth and learning, loving what you do, finding the right work-life balance and, most of all, by helping others become successful. What does success mean to you?

What are the 12 attributes that WBS looks for in both our team members and our clients? Click here to find out!