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Accountability RACE

Welcome to the

 Accountability R.A.C.E.

(Responsibility. Adaptability. Communication. Execution.)

Our world has changed. Our “normal” has become vastly different than it was just a few short months ago. We understand that people are feeling scared, overwhelmed, and confused about the future and now, more than ever, people are reaching out for help and trying to find sanity within all the chaos. Yet, one thing remains the same; WBS is determined to help you regain control and offer you the tools and systems that we have spent years perfecting to help you overcome any challenge you may face, now or in the future.

Protecting your emotional health and wellbeing is vital, especially during these trying times.  Your family, friends, customers, and team members are relying on you, now more than ever, to be strong.  Setting a positive example for those in your “circle” is the best gift you can offer them and WBS is committed to helping you do just that.

Our main goal is to deliver realistic, measurable progress to each of our R.A.C.E. members by using open and honest communication, new tools, skills and systems that will aid in your growth and success and to hold you accountable to your goals. By working together, WBS will help make this an unforgettable journey that will have a dramatic impact on both your personal and professional life.  

Our core values of “Ethics, Purpose and Growth” directly align with our mission to help you become more productive and successful. Our systems, tools, and proven techniques in addition to our years of knowledge and experience gives us the unique ability to adapt to the constant changes of the 21st century. Have no doubt, WBS is committed to walking by your side, wherever your journey may take you, and we will be there to coach you and cheer you on the entire way.

Our team would love for you to join us as we commit ourselves to helping guide you and, more importantly, to hold you accountable for achieving your goals, however big or small they may be.  The entire WBS team truly believes that your success is our success.

Summary of sessions and what you can expect: 

  • After signing up we will send you some of our tools and resources to get you started.  You will have one week to review them before the 1st session.
  • Session 1:  We will go over your questions and answers from the tools and resources
  • Session 2:  We will plan your #1 goal/topic
  • Session 3:  We will work the specific steps and actions that will lead to achieving success with your goal/topic

** We will reach out to you after the completion of session 3 to offer you the option of buying into Tier 2 of the RACE (sessions 4-6) and the option to join our “RACE Team” as an adopting member.

Our goal is to help 20 individuals and/or business owners before the end of 2020.  Help us reach our goal by allowing us to help you reach your goals.

Interested in the WBS R.A.C.E. for Accountability?

Tier 1 cost:  $750

We want to ensure that this affordable for everyone that is interested in joining our R.A.C.E. so we are offering the following payment options:

  • Payment in full via Venmo or ACH draw or
  • ½ down at sign up and ½ after Session 2 or
  • Three (3) easy installments of  $250 each (1st payment at sign up, second payment after Session 1 and the final payment after Session 2.

NOTE:  Payment plans must be completed through automatic ACH draws. A signed authorization form will be required and will be emailed to you upon sign up and must be returned before your spot will be reserved.

Spaces are limited during each enrollment period so we can focus on giving each person the individual attention they need and deserve. To secure your spot, click HERE or email us at info@westsbookkeeping.com  

Questions? We would be happy to answer them! Just call our office at 585.237.5365 and let us know how we can help you.